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Postpartum Care Plan

Give your clients the opportunity to plan out the care they wish to receive from their support circle. Guide them as they fill out their sleep requirements, feeding preferences (for baby and them!), as well as a list of things for visitors to do when they arrive. Included with purchase is the option for personalized branding.


When you purchase this handout, please email your logo to I will send you a personalized copy for your clients/families/patients only with the note “licensed for use of {you OR your business’ name}” on the bottom, using your color scheme, as well as your logo on the top.

I will only supply one edit.

(If you do not send a logo within 24 hours of your purchase, the handout will be sent as is.)


-You may provide printed copies of this handout to clients, families you work with, breastfeeding class attendees, etc.
-You may provide digital copies of this handout ONLY on a one-on-one basis to clients/patients/families.

You are not allowed to upload the digital handout to your website for distribution, to your Facebook group, to your Insta links, etc.
Please let me know if you have questions about this.
-You cannot alter the contents in any way.
-You cannot sell this handout.
-All purchases are nonrefundable.

Free Forms Available for Purchase

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