Frequently Asked Questions

In-home services are offered in and around the following areas: Willingboro, Burlington, Mt. Holly, Camden, Cherry Hill, Blackwood, Deptford Township, Woodbury, Glassboro, Washington Township, Elmer, and Vineland.
(Additional travel fees may apply for certain areas of Salem County.)


What is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist?

In the long line of lactation professionals, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist is a title given to persons who have successfully completed the lessons and passed the final exam for the Lactation Education Resource 90 hour comprehensive Lactation Consultant Training Program. It is another step which can be completed before individuals qualify for the International Board of Lactation Consultants Examination to become certified lactation consultants.

Why do I need you?

Breastfeeding, although natural, has a learning curve. As much as we want it to be as simple as putting the baby on your breast and “TA DA! Milk!” Sometimes it isn’t. And that’s where I come in. My goal is to help you reach your breastfeeding goal through support and education. Without judgement, I want to empower you and your choices, and help you to understand how they are helping/hindering your journey. Breastfeeding can bring about many questions and concerns; I can help you through them.

How soon should I contact you?

If you would like a prenatal session, I encourage you to contact me when you are between 26-30 weeks. During this time many families are starting to plan baby showers, which would allow you to register for any of the accessories we discuss. Additionally, you can even register for my services!

If you are experiencing any discomfort, pain, etc… please contact me immediately. If our initial conversation indicates you have an uncomplicated issue (meaning, there is no need for hands-on evaluation), we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If there is an indication that your issue may be a little more complex, don’t worry! I have a great network of IBCLCs (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants) to which I can refer you.

What areas do you serve?

Currently, I serve all areas in Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties. Special accommodations can be made for individuals in Salem Counties (additional travel fees may apply).

What are your fees?

  • Breastfeeding Basics Class:
    Private Session: $75(2 hours, virtual) $135 (2.5 hours, in-home)
  • Exclusive Pumping Support
    In Home Session: $150 (Two Hours)
    Virtual Session: $110 (Two Hours)
  • Back to Work Support:
    In Home Session: $110(One Hour)
    Virtual Session: $65(One Hour)
  • In-Home Support:
    In Home Session: $150 (Two Hours)
    Virtual Session: $110 (Two Hours)
  • 30 minute virtual support
    $30 (30 minutes)

Please visit our Services page for a description of each.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, we do not accept insurance. However, we can provide a superbill for all services rendered for you to pursue reimbursement from your insurance company.

What precautions are currently in place?

To keep you and your family safe, we are encouraging virtual visits at this time. We use the HIPPA compliant G-Suite platform and Google Hangout for our virtual sessions. Although these visits do take a little more detective work and input from our families, they allow us to remain in our own spaces to reduce the risk of transmitting contagious diseases. If an in-home visit is necessary, I will wear a mask throughout the entire visit, and remain at least 6 feet away from baby and family members. Any hands on interaction (positioning, hand expression, etc…) will be done with the use of gloves.

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